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Friday, March 23, 2012

Old time hawker stall foods.

My friend and i has been asking questions to ourselves yesterday asking each other about where the hell does all the all time favourites hawker stall went? either they are closed or moved to an remote island somewhere around klang or sometimes they get commercialized  and the food they serve is not as good as those days.

Gone the days of the awesome cheap food that we used to have. So to be in search of good hawker stall foods that are still available is like finding a needle on a desert.

Last time whenever we wanna have all this hawker style food we would go to Emporium Makan right in the middle of klang town where we would have the Lou Shi Fann with Yong Tau Foo, Wantan Mee,Chapp Fan (Economy Rice), Lin Chee Kang (Longan Dessert,ABC & Cendol (Ice Shaved Desserts) and the Fresh sugarcane juices.

Emporium Makan Klang (Food Court)
ABC and Cendol Stall.

Loh Shi Fann and Ng Heong.
 All of these stalls are slowly extinct due to heavy traffic diversion and business is running low and people are just to busy to drop by a place that is always jam packed with cars,one way street conversion.

Even though i'm staying in klang but to get to klang town, sometimes i would've just eat nearby just to avoid the traffic jam. It's very hectic and not so convenient anymore like those days. =/

Last few months ago when i was at the heart of the traffic jam in bukit bintang, when i was kinda like a tourist getting into monorails and LRT's to get there.

My uncle brought me to Lot 10 underground when i came across stalls after stalls of Hawker Styled Stalls all under one roof and it's name Hutong Street. The food are ranging from Hokkien Mee,Porridge with crispy pork intestines,Desserts and etc.

I head my uncle said that is was all brought here by an a wealthy businessmen that loves his food so much that he gathered all of famous old time hawker stalls around to be under one roof.

The place is fully air conditioned and comfortable. It's just that it has limited seats,loads of people flocking in for breakfast,lunch & dinners.

Foods there are not expensive and cost less cheaper than food courts. As i heard from my uncle, he said that the rental is not as expensive as you thought it would.
The businessmen is charging them low rentals so that tenants can still serve their delicious hawker style food without charging customers "extra".


It's all brought in by Tan Sri Dato' Francis Yeoh. from YTL Group.
from his passion and love for good all time favourite hawker stalls all to be based under one roof of Lot 10 Bukit Bintang. 

It's really one of the kind concept to preserve the authentic hawker food that is there for generations to come. =D 
Two thumbs up to Tan Sri Dato' Francis Yeoh for making it happen.

If you guys haven't got the chance to visit. Do visit this place when you are there somewhere around bukit bintang.

I apologize if any images is similar because i had it copied from sources from google images. 

I didn't got a chance to take pictures while i was there.
Thank you. XoXo


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