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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ah kua

I've got impressed by how actually a male can transform from to a very beautiful look of a female..n some even prettier then girls too! they are some even have Miss Title lagi...very very they do it ar? sure can la with the help of high tech surgery & at least a 40% look of a female..imagine if i'd transform to a girl all sure puke non-stop below are some pictures of above mentioned Miss Tiffany 2004 from Thailand.Don't play play!

This is Nong Poy from Thailand..beautiful isn't it? well she/he is quite a celebrity though with modelling n appeared on few tv coz he's beautiful? well he did a good job on suprising ppl. There's another celebrity Ah Kua from Korea named Harisu..tat one oso quite pretty as i've done some researching tat harisu even sing,modelling n even acted alongside with our very own malaysian celebrity Amber Chia in the film Possesed. Below is the video of her doing modelling xxx rated so watch it if u are above 18 okay?

Quite impressive right? Thats y i got impressed of how they can look like female n be hotter then girls somemore..they really got balls la..or oops..don't have edy? hehehe fatz signing out peace ya'all n enjoy!