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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

(Ad) One Recipe Cafe @ PJ SS2

My good friend had just opened a noodle restaurant located at one of the in Petaling Jaya SS2.
It's called One Recipe Cafe. Serving an authentic chinese rice noodle dish, lobak, fried dumplings,premium coffee and toast.

I'm not a fan of it since my friend venture into this business a year ago. 
quite hard for me to get a parking there on peak hours due to people coming out to have lunch at nearby area, yet i always manage to double park! MEGUSTA! .

The place is very clean and comfortable using Coway's Air Purifier for their ventilation.
So the place won't have em fishy smells or fried stuff's scent and oily air like those in Hawker stalls nearby Wai Sek Kai 

Bright lit area of dining and comfortable as it looks.
The table is made from Marbles to get em that classy look. 

Fish Head Mee Hoon with thick rice noodles using Snapper fish.
Hints of chinese wine and crispy fish fillet does come well together.
Had this dish of Fish Meat Mee Hoon and it has bombed my tastebuds from it's taste
Thick,creamy soup with hints of chinese wine served with belacan condiment.
First thing that ran on my mind after i tasted it was is it full of MSG because of the taste.

But no! My friend (The Owner) told me that they didn't use any MSG at all
their soup is double boiled to perfection without using any MSG.
That is just awesome! Now i can enjoy the soup without having the feeling of guilt and possibilities of having dehydration.

From this month on they will have promotions sets on their signature dishes such as Fish Head Mee Hoon, Fish Paste Mee Hoon, Fresh Prawn Mee Hoon & Fish Head Meat Mee Hoon and Fresh Prawn Fish Head Mee Hoon.

Do check out their Facebook page or Follow them on Twitter for more information on their promotions & updates.

How to get there? Click me to know more.

Do check em out and try it for yourself.
Signing out. XoXo

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