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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bengs am i one of them?

Those years when i was still in secondary...they are those seniors who like to bully us juniors..some had gangs outside of school...why do gangs build up in school those days?izzit because of these bulliers and gangs...or they adapt it from movies such as Young & Dangerous ..the movie about hong kong mafia's showed the life of a gangster..or known so to some people as thugs!but it's different from how the local street *thugs* adapt's very easy to detect any one of them cause they dye their hair,and cursing on every word that are coming out of their mouth...and showing how *thug* they are, talking about histories when they chop here chop there,drugs,disco...visit to the brothel,loan sharks...but in some ways...they are really the ones u can trust those day when u are in need or got's friend also join..why shouldn't i join too?

i did pay protection money when i was in school to those gangs and meet up with the leader...and had assembly or that time i was still act dumb and don't know anything about how risky i was when they held an assembly...i thought it was *cool* to have so many friends together with their hair dyed, tattoes with those weird language...imagine we got raid from the authorities...what will happen to my future?what will happen if my parents found out?

But above all the description..they also showed care,initiative and a willing to wake up middle of the night to help me when i was in trouble..last time i always got trouble with my family..cause i like to go back home late...maybe i was immature to that every parents don't prefer to have their kids to stay out late night...but all that was a bad history i would prefer to left behind

now with all the gang leaders settled down and had kids of their own to worry more such things as we only had the one and only hope when we are in trouble...we just need to dial 999! easy right?no more underground laws or street fight.

Peace~Fatz out

Monday, April 24, 2006

Morning Fatz

Every morning after my hectic night is over a beautiful sky came & leaving me to forget the night that i've been makes me realize how beautiful a world that we live in..regardless all the hassle and rush each morning we went thru...been stuck in a morning jam to work..or sleeping thru the whole morning and wake up for breakfast at 2pm!we always wake up and think that the morning is the time to get stuck in the traffic,car pooling kids to school,waiting for a bus to attend classes..but does anyone realize that the morning sky is the most refreshing time of all?

each day i finish my work i have a 15 minutes of sky gazing.and inhaling a fresh morning air.. let my mind be at ease for that moment...and appreciate for what i had,forget whatever stuff that let me down & go on with my daily life...peace and good morning Fatz!