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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Embroidery Part I

It's been a while since i last blog though...but today i am here to introduce to all ya dudes out there what i really been up to lately. Ever heard of Embroidery Designing...actually i don't design those logos...someone from a design firm would send a piece of outwork for us to follow. is that called design?Anyway back to the daily job is to design stitches...such as logos and badges used in events and then embroide it on for production or samples for my customer.

Just sitting down clicking my mouse here and there...the basics are something like Adobe Illustrator, i need to point out where the needles on my machines to actually come out with the embroidery graphic...the simple way to understand is make a map for the machines to move their needles around to create embroidery products.

It's not a simple job cause what i'm designing on the computer won't actually come out what it suppose to look because embroidery is on garments. not those garments such as towels or shirt will actually mess out the designs i made...but with accurate and some instincts it would actually came out pretty nice...down here are some of the pictures to describe my means!

All above is the machines that run in the place i work,stitching all those designs i've created on my computer and then save on a diskette to be transfer onto the machines to recoqnize and begin sequence on to the product that have been frame onto the stitch board and then it's monitored by the staff for thread changing and the colours or design won't mess out...
I will continue on posting on part II,for those of u that are intrested to know leave me a feedback or comment..for now peace out~