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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Honkee Porridge ( Bandar Bukit Tinggi Branch )

Hi all, i would like to share my dinner experience today at Honkee Porridge at Bandar Bukit Tinggi Klang. As i know they have quite a few branches around Klang Valley and Klang Peeps is very lucky to have them to open up at here.

Went to dine in with the my mum and gf at this place for the first time because i told them that this place franchise is quite famous with the porridge.

Their wall of fame by Newspapers cut out.
More wall of fame. Seems to be very famous around KL those days.

Their cute menu.

Local Klang peeps flocking in for dinner.
Let the orders begin! 

I've ordered the Famous Chup Chap Chukk ( Crispy Fried Pork Intestine Porridge)

As you can see the texture of the porridge is silky smooth and not like those watery type ones that i had most of the time.
This is definitely not a fail product indeed.

Another bowl of Chu Chapp Chuk with Minced Pork and some hint of sliced ginger,spring onions for le gf.

Minced pork with salted egg is what my mum ordered.
i think they gave a generous amount of minced pork but my mum scoop it out and threw onto my bowl.

There's an auntie that works there recommended us to order one of their signature dish that is Claypot braised Frog with spring onion and ginger, In cantonese they call it ( Kiong Zhong Tin Kai)

I love the strong taste of ginger and spring onion that goes really well together with the Frog.
I don't know some of you might not like this dish, no worries they have it in Kong Pow as well.

If you don't want to eat too full for dinner then this is the place to be.
They serve raw fish with porridge as well, i shall try soon and maybe keep you guys posted.
For the time being this is what i covered.

The landmark to this place it's on the same Row with Hong Leong Bank Bukit Tinggi.

My rating is 6.5/10 for this one due to i'm not a big fan of porridge unless i'm sick =D

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Everyday i got some deals!

Hey hey hey,

Good news after all this while! I got a job offer from a.k.a
They've have reach me on for an job offer at their respective company weeks ago.
I've attended to the interview and got successful! I killed it! lol

LivingSocial is a huge American Group Sales company that is funded by They have over a million followers on Facebook here: 
They are operating in 25 countries, 575 markets, and have over 46 million members on our website.
They first came into Asia in 2009 with our Thailand office, then 2010 with The Philippines, and now we're in Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

What LivingSocial does is match people up with good deals on trips, hotels, restaurants, shopping, and more. Visit to get an example of the things we're offering today.
Working at LivingSocial can best be described this way:  Work Hard, Play Hard. My Superiors will ask: "Do you want to be challenged by your job, and surrounded by passionate, dedicated, and creative people? Prove it." i will be given goals and rewarded with raises once i've achieved it!
I'll get to play xbox at the office. It's a challenging job,  working with a competitive team, because i'm  aiming to be the best. And i know it takes the best people to be the best. 
Sounds Awesome eh? I'm hoping to strive what i know best and of course! Get more knowledge and challenges awaits
Their office is located at The Gardens Midvalley City, So i'm gonna have to leave very early to work just to be in the traffic jam as early enough to reach office in time. =D
KL Traffic here i tweet! lol

Seems Legit? Do check out their website here! Let's get you some deal

Friday, March 23, 2012

Old time hawker stall foods.

My friend and i has been asking questions to ourselves yesterday asking each other about where the hell does all the all time favourites hawker stall went? either they are closed or moved to an remote island somewhere around klang or sometimes they get commercialized  and the food they serve is not as good as those days.

Gone the days of the awesome cheap food that we used to have. So to be in search of good hawker stall foods that are still available is like finding a needle on a desert.

Last time whenever we wanna have all this hawker style food we would go to Emporium Makan right in the middle of klang town where we would have the Lou Shi Fann with Yong Tau Foo, Wantan Mee,Chapp Fan (Economy Rice), Lin Chee Kang (Longan Dessert,ABC & Cendol (Ice Shaved Desserts) and the Fresh sugarcane juices.

Emporium Makan Klang (Food Court)
ABC and Cendol Stall.

Loh Shi Fann and Ng Heong.
 All of these stalls are slowly extinct due to heavy traffic diversion and business is running low and people are just to busy to drop by a place that is always jam packed with cars,one way street conversion.

Even though i'm staying in klang but to get to klang town, sometimes i would've just eat nearby just to avoid the traffic jam. It's very hectic and not so convenient anymore like those days. =/

Last few months ago when i was at the heart of the traffic jam in bukit bintang, when i was kinda like a tourist getting into monorails and LRT's to get there.

My uncle brought me to Lot 10 underground when i came across stalls after stalls of Hawker Styled Stalls all under one roof and it's name Hutong Street. The food are ranging from Hokkien Mee,Porridge with crispy pork intestines,Desserts and etc.

I head my uncle said that is was all brought here by an a wealthy businessmen that loves his food so much that he gathered all of famous old time hawker stalls around to be under one roof.

The place is fully air conditioned and comfortable. It's just that it has limited seats,loads of people flocking in for breakfast,lunch & dinners.

Foods there are not expensive and cost less cheaper than food courts. As i heard from my uncle, he said that the rental is not as expensive as you thought it would.
The businessmen is charging them low rentals so that tenants can still serve their delicious hawker style food without charging customers "extra".


It's all brought in by Tan Sri Dato' Francis Yeoh. from YTL Group.
from his passion and love for good all time favourite hawker stalls all to be based under one roof of Lot 10 Bukit Bintang. 

It's really one of the kind concept to preserve the authentic hawker food that is there for generations to come. =D 
Two thumbs up to Tan Sri Dato' Francis Yeoh for making it happen.

If you guys haven't got the chance to visit. Do visit this place when you are there somewhere around bukit bintang.

I apologize if any images is similar because i had it copied from sources from google images. 

I didn't got a chance to take pictures while i was there.
Thank you. XoXo


Wednesday, March 07, 2012

(AD) The world friendliest party!

Wow!, it's been 6 years edy since the 1st party where people would dress up all green with pints of beer cheering up at the event that has brought nothing but good memories to my fellow good friends!

On the 17th of March 2012 (Saturday)
The streets of Changkat Bukit Bintang will be decorated with green clovers as lovely folks from Guiness Malaysia is throwing another awesome green party that is The St Patrick's Day!

I hope to be there dress in cosplay as "The hulk" but instead of going all raging like how we knew him, i will just goes around hugging people and cheering out loud of my good ol pint of Guiness! lol!

People would flock the place wearing green colver hats and le hot derpina's around. These year will be alot more special as Guiness Malaysia is holding a campaign to get to the Guiness World Record by having 1 million people pledging for "The world's friendliest day" Online!!!

So what are u waiting for!? Set the date on your reminder,to do list, cancel all your appointments and head down to The World's Friendliest Party! It will surely going to be Epic!

Signing out, XoXo

(Ad) One Recipe Cafe @ PJ SS2

My good friend had just opened a noodle restaurant located at one of the in Petaling Jaya SS2.
It's called One Recipe Cafe. Serving an authentic chinese rice noodle dish, lobak, fried dumplings,premium coffee and toast.

I'm not a fan of it since my friend venture into this business a year ago. 
quite hard for me to get a parking there on peak hours due to people coming out to have lunch at nearby area, yet i always manage to double park! MEGUSTA! .

The place is very clean and comfortable using Coway's Air Purifier for their ventilation.
So the place won't have em fishy smells or fried stuff's scent and oily air like those in Hawker stalls nearby Wai Sek Kai 

Bright lit area of dining and comfortable as it looks.
The table is made from Marbles to get em that classy look. 

Fish Head Mee Hoon with thick rice noodles using Snapper fish.
Hints of chinese wine and crispy fish fillet does come well together.
Had this dish of Fish Meat Mee Hoon and it has bombed my tastebuds from it's taste
Thick,creamy soup with hints of chinese wine served with belacan condiment.
First thing that ran on my mind after i tasted it was is it full of MSG because of the taste.

But no! My friend (The Owner) told me that they didn't use any MSG at all
their soup is double boiled to perfection without using any MSG.
That is just awesome! Now i can enjoy the soup without having the feeling of guilt and possibilities of having dehydration.

From this month on they will have promotions sets on their signature dishes such as Fish Head Mee Hoon, Fish Paste Mee Hoon, Fresh Prawn Mee Hoon & Fish Head Meat Mee Hoon and Fresh Prawn Fish Head Mee Hoon.

Do check out their Facebook page or Follow them on Twitter for more information on their promotions & updates.

How to get there? Click me to know more.

Do check em out and try it for yourself.
Signing out. XoXo

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ah kua

I've got impressed by how actually a male can transform from to a very beautiful look of a female..n some even prettier then girls too! they are some even have Miss Title lagi...very very they do it ar? sure can la with the help of high tech surgery & at least a 40% look of a female..imagine if i'd transform to a girl all sure puke non-stop below are some pictures of above mentioned Miss Tiffany 2004 from Thailand.Don't play play!

This is Nong Poy from Thailand..beautiful isn't it? well she/he is quite a celebrity though with modelling n appeared on few tv coz he's beautiful? well he did a good job on suprising ppl. There's another celebrity Ah Kua from Korea named Harisu..tat one oso quite pretty as i've done some researching tat harisu even sing,modelling n even acted alongside with our very own malaysian celebrity Amber Chia in the film Possesed. Below is the video of her doing modelling xxx rated so watch it if u are above 18 okay?

Quite impressive right? Thats y i got impressed of how they can look like female n be hotter then girls somemore..they really got balls la..or oops..don't have edy? hehehe fatz signing out peace ya'all n enjoy!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Embroidery Part I

It's been a while since i last blog though...but today i am here to introduce to all ya dudes out there what i really been up to lately. Ever heard of Embroidery Designing...actually i don't design those logos...someone from a design firm would send a piece of outwork for us to follow. is that called design?Anyway back to the daily job is to design stitches...such as logos and badges used in events and then embroide it on for production or samples for my customer.

Just sitting down clicking my mouse here and there...the basics are something like Adobe Illustrator, i need to point out where the needles on my machines to actually come out with the embroidery graphic...the simple way to understand is make a map for the machines to move their needles around to create embroidery products.

It's not a simple job cause what i'm designing on the computer won't actually come out what it suppose to look because embroidery is on garments. not those garments such as towels or shirt will actually mess out the designs i made...but with accurate and some instincts it would actually came out pretty nice...down here are some of the pictures to describe my means!

All above is the machines that run in the place i work,stitching all those designs i've created on my computer and then save on a diskette to be transfer onto the machines to recoqnize and begin sequence on to the product that have been frame onto the stitch board and then it's monitored by the staff for thread changing and the colours or design won't mess out...
I will continue on posting on part II,for those of u that are intrested to know leave me a feedback or comment..for now peace out~

Saturday, September 30, 2006

A blink of an eye

It's been a while since i last's all because of my work at david's place...there are at least 3 or 4 logos to be done in a day! i have more time for myself after work to catch up with some friends for some yam cha session,a game of snooker and talk about daily routine.

But it has been a long time since i last blog because i don't have much to blog about...all my ideas are gone to my work,i have been more free since i stop Warnet
at least i have time to watch tv at home and the most early sleep!