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Monday, April 24, 2006

Morning Fatz

Every morning after my hectic night is over a beautiful sky came & leaving me to forget the night that i've been makes me realize how beautiful a world that we live in..regardless all the hassle and rush each morning we went thru...been stuck in a morning jam to work..or sleeping thru the whole morning and wake up for breakfast at 2pm!we always wake up and think that the morning is the time to get stuck in the traffic,car pooling kids to school,waiting for a bus to attend classes..but does anyone realize that the morning sky is the most refreshing time of all?

each day i finish my work i have a 15 minutes of sky gazing.and inhaling a fresh morning air.. let my mind be at ease for that moment...and appreciate for what i had,forget whatever stuff that let me down & go on with my daily life...peace and good morning Fatz!

1 comment:

^Michelle^ said...

u always mimpi la, not taking a breath la, posting there nia la u, let leng lui to pay attention on u har? haha :D erm but i think tat early also no leng lui will see u posting there lo~~~~~ wuahahahahahaha